Student Partnering Program

ColasCanada Inc. offers a Student Partnering Program to assist students with the cost of tuition and books, as well as providing summer work opportunities in their field of study and an assigned mentor to give each student guidance and advice.

ColasCanada Inc. manages eight road construction/maintenance companies across the country:

  • Terus Construction Ltd. in British Columbia and the Yukon
  • Canadian Road Builders throughout western Canada
  • E Construction Ltd. in Alberta and the Northwest Territories
  • Standard General Inc. in Calgary and Edmonton
  • Wapiti Gravel Suppliers in Grande Prairie
  • Consolidated Construction Company Ltd. in Saskatchewan and Sintra Inc. in Quebec

What is the Student Partnering Program?

  • A program designed to recruit high quality committed individuals to insure the longevity of the ColasCanada group of companies.
  • A program designed to assist students with the cost of their education while offering them ongoing benefits through employment with the ColasCanada group.
  • A program that provides a loan for each year of full time study in selected fields of specialization, for up to a four year period.

For additional information on this program, please see the Student Brochure. To apply for the Student Partnering Program, print off the Application Form and provide with your resume or send in to Human Resources in Edmonton.

“The Student Partnering Program allowed me to better myself in the construction industry. Without this program I wouldn’t be where I am today. I consider this program like a scholarship; you’re able to concentrate on one thing, which is school, and have all the time to study, since your tuition and books are paid. No part-time job is required during school and you’re guaranteed a job during and after your program. The best is, in between school years I had the chance to work in the field of my study, which gave a better understanding and knowledge of civil work. Thanks to the Student Partnering Program I have new doors open for my future in this company.”

— Mario Collette T.T. Student Partnering Program User, Project Coordinator, North Division