Our values

For decades, E Construction has based its Human Resources policy on two principles: people qualities and the value of a job well done.

  • Entrepreneurship:

    Each employee should show initiative and be motivated by a desire to win, to commit and to succeed with the kind of intensity that delivers every time.

  • Responsibility:

    Each individual is fully accountable for his or her decisions and actions.

  • Trust:

    Relations within the Group are based on trust, which is the cornerstone of autonomy, frankness and authenticity. It is for each person to establish and develop his or her trustworthiness.

  • Respect:

    Respect is the basic rule of behaviour that guides every employee in all his or her actions: respect for oneself and respect for other employees, customers, third parties, the trade unions, society at large, the Group’s principles, laws and regulations, the environment, fairness and ethics in the broadest sense.

  • Excellence:

    Each day, every employee is expected to give the best of themselves, to strive constantly for quality and to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.

  • Humility:

    Through continual self-questioning and by maintaining a humble attitude, each employee is always able to advance.

  • Safety:

    At E Construction safety is a deeply held belief which is beyond compromise, initially learned from others and personally adopted through our safety cultural development