Cold Lake Division

E Construction's presence in Cold Lake dates back to the mid-1950s, When 4 Wing Air Force Base was constructed. A full-time office and asphalt plant were established there in 1988. Our area of coverage radiates outward from Cold Lake to include Bonnyville, Lac La Biche, Lloydminster, Vermillion, Wainwright, Elk Point, Conklin, Janvier, St. Paul and Smokey Lake.

We have a number of crews that complete projects from asphalt maintenance, driveways, and parking lots to subdivisions, highways, and airports. Our list of accomplishments in the region is extensive with highlights that include original construction and continued upgrades on the 4 Wing Air Force Base, Highway 55 and Highway 892 intersection round-about project, 44th street rehabilitation and overlay in Lloydminster, Airfield 21 in Wainwright, the Beaver Hill Road project in Lac La Biche and surface works projects in both Conklin and Janvier.

We believe in taking part in community initiatives and strive to utilize local service suppliers and businesses whenever possible to support our clients within our area. Specifically, much of our concrete work, underground installations, line painting, signage and landscaping projects are sub-contracted or purchased locally.

For free project estimates in the Cold Lake Division please contact:

Cold Lake


Box 56
5508 - 50 Avenue
Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P1