Airport & Highway Construction

E Construction’s large volume and high production paving is the focus of this experienced group of paving personnel. This includes placing and compacting asphalt concrete mix on top of the granular base course, pavement rehabilitation and overlay projects.Two mobile, high volume, asphalt production plants also complement our highway paving spread. Major clients include Alberta Transportation, oil sands developers, large industrial projects as well as local municipalities and counties.

E Construction has completed numerous airport runway, taxiway and apron construction and rehabilitation projects. These projects includes runway overlays, hot in-place recycling of runway pavement, concrete apron construction and a complete reconstruction of taxiways and runways.

Our highway base crew is certainly the highest volume, fastest moving crew in our company and arguably in Western Canada. With production rates that exceed 20,000 tonnes hauled and placed daily, base construction prepares the road surface for paving. This includes shaping and compacting the existing sub grade, loading, hauling, placing and compacting a granular layer prior to paving. Annual production is well over 1,000,000 tonnes of granular base course.

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